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There were no words in this graphic novel No dialogs No written sentences No words But, as I realized throughout my read, they weren t needed The mesmerizing art was enough And what illustrations Never have I read such a graphic novel before It was a fast read I don t think I ve even spend thirty minutes to get through it The story was poignant and I loved how realistically it portrayed immigrants and how metaphorically and fantastically the author drew the world building and settings.It didn t actually speak to me to an obvious point, as I maybe predicted, since, even though I am an emigrant too Romania Canada , I was very young at that time and we had someone to help us, unlike the main character who had to find help and shelter by himself Still, I can perfectly understand the main character s untold feelings and relate, in a way, to him I was just probably excited than he was and not as confused lost.Aside for the graphics and settings, what I loved most was the fact that, not only we could see the main character s experience at traveling and changing completely of surrounding, but also the people that he meets in his way and that give him some support It was breathtakingly captivating.I do have a complaint though it was, like I said, too short Too fast paced It could have been longer I believe, because every scene lasted less than two minutes or so That did give some unrealism to the story not including the settings which I like to consider well fitting everything It would also have been interesting to get to know his wife and child better, with some scenes including them and maybe a little to why he decided to leave his country The blurb does implicitly or explicitly tell us why, depending on your point of view, but actually seeing it would have given some even intensity to the story and a solid background Although, I do understand that this is mainly about adaptation, experiences and going forward.Absolutely recommended Not only will it appear spectacular and surprising, to lovers of graphic novels or not, but it is also short and easy to get into the story. 6 19 18 Reading for summer YA GN and Comics class, wordless, a masterpiece everyone should own Here I borrow from Agne s background on how Tan wrote it feel is silent movies, De Sica s 1948 The Bicycle Thief and photographs of immigrants on display at Ellis Island Why is this book constantly timely in this country and in too many countries on the nature of refugees and immigrants The separation of a parent from his child in this book is wrenching, especially in the light of camps for tender age children in this, my country.Original review, 6 19 16 The Arrival is Shaun Tan s masterpiece, a completely silent tale for all ages A wordless book except the title it s about immigration and the wonder and largely dark strangeness and anxiety of that passage In the U.S the present conservative outcry about immigration is one that has lasted for at least 150 years here Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry well, that Statue of Liberty was built in different times, eh The concerns expressed by residents and not just here in the U.S., of course include such sentiments as what does this have to do with us and it s not my problem Of course there is also a lot of generous sentiment for helping out people in need, as is also demonstrated across the world and will have to continue to be demonstrated for a long time.This book is dedicated to Tan s parents, who were once immigrants themselves.Steve Earle s Immigrant song book sets aside the politics, mostly, and focuses on the psycho socio effects of immigrating, the strangeness, the anxiety, the fear, evidenced brilliantly by Tan in sepia toned and darker shadings, and especially the creation of small and large fantastical creatures the immigrants face, symbolic of the newness and strangeness Are the creatures cute Are they scary Depends on your perspective, in part Maybe both welcoming and frightening.The focus of the story is on a small family who are separated as father goes ahead to the new country ahead of his wife and daughter They must leave a place with dragons and possibly other magical creatures and come to a place of creatures of another kind Language, customs, everything is foreign to him, but in time he makes friends, makes connections Metaphor, allegory, are at the heart of this tale Monsters are very real as we move to a new place Maybe they can be conquered maybe not A paper bird made by father to make his sad daughter smile transfigures, emerges as something else, and again and again woven throughout Magical, fantastical, thrilling Joan Baez singing Dylan s I Pity the Poor Immigrant which borrows from the Scottish Tramps And Hawkers S 6 16 17 The Arrival, I say again, silent, is used in K college classrooms, for which I am very pleased and grateful It has in the way of the best of all ages books some basic simplicity kids of all ages can relate to, and levels of increasing complexity as you get older and experience in the world and with comics Yes, every time you read it you see new things, new levels of metaphor, it s always new, as all great art is The art is amazing, meticulous and strange and wonderful It s the source of much conversation and written and artistic response around the world Do you think you might possibly be moved by a silent story with such creatures I bet you would be I am. To see this and other wordless picture book reviews, please visit www.readrantrockandroll.com The Arrival by Shaun Tan is a graphic novel and wordless story of illustrations highlighting an immigrant man s journey told through an imaginary world.I picked this up for my students a few years ago after hearing a special on NPR about it We enjoyed following along in the story as the illustrations send powerful messages and emotions It almost feels like a movie as you re turning the pages This is a great eye opening and thought provoking story that will help children and adults think about immigration including the fears and difficulties that come along with being alone in a strange place 5 This book is magnificent A wordless graphic novel that the tells the familiar tale of an immigrant, and somehow makes the story new and exciting.A man says goodbye to his wife and daughter, and sets out, taking only a suitcase containing a precious photograph of his family He leaves a dark and ominous city for a journey across the sea Days pass, each depicted by a drawing of the sky The ship enters the harbor and a strange new world is revealed The man is examined, cataloged, and labeled Then he ventures forth into an amazing city He is bombarded by new sights and sounds Everywhere he looks, there is something he s never seen before Even the food here is strange He doesn t speak the language and must draw pictures of what he needs He locates a place to stay and discovers an odd little roommate He finds work and meets other immigrants who tell sad, horrifying stories of fear and oppression The monochromatic drawings are beautifully rendered in a style similar to Chris Van Allsburg, though I was reminded just a bit of M.C Escher as well.Adults will appreciate the simple story of a stranger in a foreign land, while children will be enraptured by the amazing drawings of fantastical creatures that populate this magical world.This is just a wonderful book to be looked at again and again, and a powerful reminder that we are all immigrants here. Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door How did we get from a golden door to prison bars Shaun Tan doesn t engage in political polemics He has no need of words at all His silent surrealist paintings are eloquent that all the ghostwriters, TV anchors and political commentators that try to convince us that black is actually white The Arrival is than real, because it is Art with a capital A it is the distillation of the suffering, the alienation, the loneliness and the struggle of countless refugess into a poem without words, a sequence of sepia prints that borrows from Chaplin s silent movies, from Brueghel s fantastic imagination and from Italian neorealism to become than the sum of its parts a new medium for a new world, a historical manuscript, a cry for justice and compassion that is as relevant today as it was at the turn of the twentieth century, when the story is set.Shaun Tan spent four years working on this album, gathering personal histories from his family, poring over records on Ellis Island, studying faded photogrpahs in museums and interviewing refugee families from all over the world The resulting album is both familiar and alien, familiar from historical prints that were used as inspiration, and alien in the fantastic elements that are used capture the confusion and the strangeness of being transplanted into a completely new society.This is my first contact with the artwork of Shaun Tan, and I find it technically flawless in its use of light, in composition, in the arrangement of panels to describe the passage of time and the sequence of events Tan uses many techniques from cinematography tracking shots, wide angle panoramic vistas, fade ins, time lapse, low angles or bird eye views, a lot of zooming out from a scene It s an impressive display of skill that, for me, passed almost unnoticed during the first read through of the album since I was too caught up in the story to pay proper attention Of course, after I finished I went back to the beginning and went through each panel again at a much slower pace, focusing on details, lighting, facial expressions and so on I am sure a third or fourth reading will still bring something new to my attention.The subject, the silent movie treatment and the fantastic artwork are all good reasons to be generous with my star points, but in the case of The Arrival there is also a bit of personal history involved that makes me take the extra step and add it to my favorite shelf I goes all the way back to 1985, I think, when I used to watch two or three movies a day instead of studying for my exams And every once in a while, I came out of the darkness of the cinemateque, blinking in the harsh daylight and wondering why is everything still the same way it was before, why is everybody going about their business when something momentous just happened inside, a game changer, a new revelation about myself and about the world Such is the power of art to define ourselves and to inspire us for change, and Shaun Tan reminded me of one of these movies that I haven t seen in thirty years, yet still shines brightly in my memory I am talking about America, America by Elia Kazan, a comparable masterpiece on the subject of immigration and of the American Dream when seen from outside. This is a wondrous and wonderful book Entirely told in drawings pictures, not a word at all in the pages, apart from the title on the cover My first graphic novel Beautifully designed in sepia , a weird and touching story About a man who leaves his wife and little daughter to emigrate to a new country, to find work and earn a living But it is no ordinary story, it is full of fantasy images, creatures and weird observations It seems to be symbolic for people going to another country to live, overcome by weird, scary but also beautiful new experiences This is translated into a surrealistic, also scifi surrounding with the weirdest animals, shapes and creatures, scary experiences and wonderful encounters A special book.highly recommended. .BOOK ♢ The Arrival ♪ In a heartbreaking parting, a man gives his wife and daughter a last kiss and boards a steamship to cross the ocean He s embarking on the most painful yet important journey of his life he s leaving home to build a better future for his family.Shaun Tan evokes universal aspects of an immigrant s experience through a singular work of the imagination He does so using brilliantly clear and mesmerizing images Because the main character can t communicate in words, the book forgoes them too But while the reader experiences the main character s isolation, he also shares his ultimate joy. The Arrival begins with a heartbreaking parting, a man gives his wife and daughter a last kiss and boards a steamship to cross the ocean We follow his struggles being away from home, and entering into a new life where not much is understood or explained The Arrival tells a universal story of immigration.It was a little hard at first depicting each picture without text, but the I got into the story, the I understood.This book is a wordless story told through capturing images It is beautiful Beautifully harrowing, haunting, and compelling It managed to capture solitude, wistfulness, and hopefulness in a little over 100 pages, and it was magical Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying The Arrival, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with First of all, special thanks to Tukunjil Nayeera for recommending me this wonderful book The Arrival is a wordless graphic novel that tells the tale of an immigrant father who leaves his family to work in a foreign land The story is told in the form of sequential art with the mood being set with varying degrees of sepia tone colored illustrations in multiple frames and panels The story takes place in a strange fantasy realm, where the hero immigrates to a different place to support his family The struggles of the immigrant is showcased just using art and wordless storytelling The purpose of the novel is to generate empathy among readers for the immigrants and refugees who have been frowned upon in a world ruled by bigotry, by giving the readers a glimpse of the bigger picture.Shaun Tan sets the mood of each scene with sepia tone color schemes, ranging from grayscale to bright gold The illustrations are reminiscent of aged photos daguerreotypes , and often feature realistic looking humans in abstract and bizarre environments The environments resemble a combination of futuristic and old fashioned aesthetics Tan s process was one that used real life models to create a storyboard He also shot pictures in his garage, using a video camera and empty boxes to create lighting.Highly recommended for readers of all ages. Wow, I just loved this one.