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[ Download Epub ] ♖ Identical Genius ☤ Kris is a highly accomplished and driven prodigy, a goaloriented force of nature Her sole focus is on becoming the world's leading cybersecurity expert That is, until she meets Max He melts her heart and changes her entire world But, a case of mistaken identity threatens to break Kris's heart, and to thwart her one chance at true love Kris's twin sister Liz carves her own path Liz is a polymath, good at almost everything, but her lack of focus keeps her in Kris's shadow Liz blooms later, but will her star shine as bright as Kris's? Or, will the envy that results from Kris's success doom Liz to a tragic and bitter end? In turns, the girls match wits with Dr Reginald Hammond Hammond is bitter and vain He considers himself the smartest man in the room Any room And, he may well be But is he the smartest person in the room? Or, has he met his match in Kris and Liz?