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[[ Kindle ]] ☋ The Redwoods ☠ The Wintuk family becomes a demon's main target after moving into their newly constructed home, located inyou guessed it, a redwood forest The demon is only referred to as him or he, because frankly, he doesn't deserve a name, nor does he have one He is the ugly, disgusting, and stomachwrenching version of unforgettable He is everyone's worst fears bottled into one diabolic mess He is not your typical demon He is the worst version of anything that exists He wants little fouryearold Sherpa Wintuk all to himself, but after the family escapes the redwoods, how can he get to her? He can't necessarily leave the woods, that is, unless he possesses someone and uses them as a vessel Lucky for him, he finds a soul lonely enough to let him in like a onenight stand, freedom now lingering on human fingertips