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What a wonderfully, atypical premise for a novel, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II as a sleuth.I’ve always had an interest in the British Royal family, and so ‘A Windsor Knot’ by SJ Bennett seemed an ideal mystery for a change of pace ‘A Windsor Knot’ is a completely fresh take on the ‘detective duo’ genre as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and her assistant private secretary (APS), Rozie are determined to solve a murder that has taken place within Windsor Castle – a murder which could both the state and peace of the British public During a ‘dine and sleep’ event at Windsor Castle (this type of event actually occurs!!, wonder how I can get invited??) , a young Russian musician is found dead and though suicide is initially expected, MI5 soon confirm that murder is suspected Her Majesty is concerned at the murder occurring within her beloved home and is determined to resolve the issue as quickly as possible Her determination increases when she realises that the security and police services seem to be meandering along the incorrect path in their investigations With the staff of Windsor under increasing suspicions and the body count increasing, the Queen turns to her APS Rozie for assistance to solve the case It quickly becomes clear that this is not the first time that the monarch has solved a case, and she has several out friends and employees who will happily help out.Her approach reminds me a little of Hercule Poirot as she thinks very carefully and considers the words and actions of each person – cautiously recalling events and phrases before acting (or rather, causing Rozie to act) One of my favourite aspects of the novel was not the actual investigation, but rather the‘intimate’ moments where the Queen spent time with her family and staff It also felt as though the reader had been gifted a brief insight into life at the castle A thoroughly enjoyable story. Never did I think I would read a fictional novel about the Queen Nor did I think it would involve a murder that her majesty tries to help solve But that is what happens in this book.The queen is ninety eight so no spring chicken One evening she hosts one of her dinner parties but is alarmed next morning to find that one gust has been found dead in his room murdered perhaps with a rope around his neck But who has done it ? and why ? The police are obviously called to the palace and begin to question all the staff But the queen has other ideas She is apparently a super slooth She has been delving into solving crimes for most of her life But no one must know This secret must not get out She enlists the hep of her secretary Rozie to help her solve this murder mystery and so the hilarity begins The book is fast paced, totally enthralling and very witty I found myself laughing out loud onthan one occasion much to the amusement of others in the room Let me start this review by saying that neither mysteries nor the British royal family are my usual interests I'm aware of them, I occasionally read them or pay attention past the headlines, but that's about it So I'm not the best to speak on the quality of the plot compared to the rest of the genre, nor the accuracy of the Queen and Prince Philip (the only members given much attention) I can, however, say that this was a fun read In this series, Queen Elizabeth has been solving mysteries since she was a girl, often with the help of her Assistant Private Secretary Now as her 90th birthday approaches, the Queen finds herself on the case again, this time with a brand new APS I found this book to be a lovely escape The diverse cast of characters is well written and differentiated, and the dialog flows well I found the wrapping up of the murder case itself to be a little murky, but as stated above, this is not my usual genre, and it may be crystal clear to others Overall I would definitely recommend this book, and I look forward to reading future volumes in the series The Windsor Knot will be available from Galesburg Public Library when it is published in March of 2021 Thank you to William Morrow and Custom House and NetGalley for the eARC.This review originally posted at Books You Can Die in the Middle Of: I loved this book! It was a fab read and a fantastic murder mystery!I do like the Queen, I think she’s an amazing woman, and having her in a murder mystery was great fun! Now obviously Her Majesty couldn’t go around like Miss Marple, asking all the important questions of the possible suspects Instead she was just like Hercule Poirot and used her ‘little grey cells’ on the problem This was where Rozie, her assistant private secretary stepped in to do the leg work I liked Rozie a lot and enjoyed watching her becomeconfident with the different tasks the Queen sent her on.The actual mystery was very clever and a lotinvolved that I expected I fell for the red herrings, not having a clue who the murderer was when the big reveal came!I loved all the details about the Queen’s daily life at Windsor, of her love for her family and her horses, and of how much she cared for her staff Oh yes and I enjoyed the laugh out loud moments provided by Prince Philip! There’s so muchI’d love to say, but it would definitely ruin the plot, so you’ll just have to read it for yourself!I definitely want to read the next book in the series, and have already been recommending this first book to family and friends.I highly recommend this book especially if you enjoy cosy mysteries or books connected to the Royal Family.Thanks so much NetGalley and Zaffre Bonnier Books UK for my digital copy. [ DOWNLOAD ] ⚒ The Windsor Knot: A Novel ♿ The first book in a highly original and delightfully clever crime series in which Queen Elizabeth II secretly solves crimes while carrying out her royal dutiesIt is the early spring ofand Queen Elizabeth is at Windsor Castle in advance of her th birthday celebrations But the preparations are interrupted when a guest is found dead in one of the Castle bedrooms The scene suggests the young Russian pianist strangled himself, but a badly tied knot leads MI to suspect foul play was involved The Queen leaves the investigation to the professionals—until their suspicions point them in the wrong directionUnhappy at the mishandling of the case and concerned for her staff’s morale, the monarch decides to discreetly take matters into her own hands With help from her Assistant Private Secretary, Rozie Oshodi, a British Nigerian and recent officer in the Royal Horse Artillery, the Queen secretly begins making inquiries As she carries out her royal duties with her usual aplomb, no one in the Royal Household, the government, or the public knows that the resolute Elizabeth will use her keen eye, quick mind, and steady nerve to bring a murderer to justiceSJ Bennett captures Queen Elizabeth’s voice with skill, nuance, wit, and genuine charm in this imaginative and engaging mystery that portrays Her Majesty as she’s rarely seen: kind yet worldly, decisive, shrewd, and most importantly a great judge of character Well, I can confidently say I never expected to read (and enjoy) a mystery novel about the Queen Elizabeth solving mysteries If you're interested in reading a Agatha Christieesque novel about how your majesty the Queen of England and her secretary Rozie, this is definitely the book for you.As far as I'm aware, this is SJ Bennet's first adult novel, as she used to write childrens books, and I seriously hope she continues to writemystery and thriller books as she is a great author I really enjoyed her writing as it didn't feel like an average novel coming from an unexperienced author in the genre butlike a very advanced and entertaining novel Definitely recommend this book to everyone After some recent heavy reading, I wanted something light to read and this was just the ticket Warm, funny and just such a nice read There were no overt descriptions of violence or swearing The idea of Her Majesty as a sort of Agatha Christie was just delightful and, oddly, really endeared her to me, even though I know it's fiction.I loved the way the writer humanised her without taking away her dignity and formality and the glimpses into life at Windsor was such a treat.Not usually a royalist but I felt such a rush of fondness for this version of the Queen that I felt quite patriotic.If you are a fan of M.C Beaton or early Agatha Christie, or even The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennet then this is one for you Truly wonderful. I wanted to love this muchthan I actually did and I’m sad about that because Murder She Wrote is still one of my favourite TV shows I loved the characterisation of the Queen, and other real life characters I loved the wit My problem was I didn’t care for the other main character in the story Rozie who helped the Queen with the investigation To be honest I wish our Lizzie had just got on with it herself as the parts of the story with Rozie just fell flat for me Others may like the duo, but after such a strong start to the story, showing the Queen’s wit and charm, I really didn’t need anyone else. I love the Royal family and I love a 'whodunnit' so this book was the perfect combination.The Queen, a secret amateur detective, investigates a murder at Windsor Palace With her secretary Rozie they try to find out 'whodunnit' because the police are on the wrong lines of investigation.I adored this book Lots of laugh out loud moments Great plotline, great story Had me hooked until the end I am useless at working out who did it I never guess the right one I'm looking forward to the next in the series Early short review:This is such a fun fresh premise!Imagine the Queen thinking she's Jessica Fletcher and solving crimes? I laughed and cheered and had some good old fashioned fun with this cosy crime caper I hope Windsor Castle is really as described here as it sounds amazing! Next time I 'm anywhere near it I'm going to take a look at the windows and wonder what is going on in there!First in a series and I will be buying the next ones!