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I would like to thank Netgalley andPublishing UK for an advance copy of Shallow Ground, the first novel to feature DI “Henry” Ford of the Salisbury Police.Ford gets his first murder case as a newly promoted detective inspector and it’s complicated He has to solve the murder of a young nurse and her son She’s been bled to death and he’s untouched, suggesting something out of the ordinary and then there arebodies.Shallow Ground is a well plotted novel with an interesting premise and likeable characters Unfortunately it didn’t really hold my interest as I didn’t see any uniqueness in it The novel is mostly told from Ford’s point of view with the killer chipping in from time to time with tales of childhood abuse and current thoughts New appointed CSI Dr Hannah Fellowes also gets her point of view aired The killer’s point of view is fairly standard, something I’ve read ad nauseum in this genre Ford is like Morse, no first name required, hence “Henry” as in Henry T and Hannah is on the spectrum, so likely to blurt out her thoughts at any minute That gels with her FBI training in psychology.The plot revolves around the hunt for a serial killer and concentrates mostly on Ford’s gut recognising the killer This is based on his survivor’s guilt after his wife died in a climbing accident he initiated and he sees himself as a killer This insistence on one prime suspect without concrete evidence is not my kind of reading I prefer a wider ranging investigation where there are several suspects of equal probability that can engage the reader in their own speculation Shallow Ground is a solid read. Wow I could not put this book down! I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to crime fiction I’m really careful of violent images or ideas that root themselves firmly and unpleasantly in my brain This one came close but didn’t cross that line for me I think the first scene was the most chilling I’ve read recently and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the killer to be caught In typical detective fiction style the book starts with murder that of a young mother and her son which felt particularly sad and brutal Ford is a recently promoted DI, a widower who feels responsible for the death of his wife; he has a teenage son and feels unable to start a new relationship He’s working on a force short of resources and money and under pressure, and he needs his first case to be solved quickly But then there’s another death and another What makes this a great read is the pace and tension maintained right to the very end, wellrounded characters and an excellent plot Ford is a particularly intriguing D.I he feels some kind of mental connection to the thought processes of the killer, has gut instincts which are usually accurate but in this case appear to be misleading him The unravelling of the crime is compelling, throwing out twists and false starts along the way and the conclusion is deeply satisfying I really hope Ford will be back to solve another case, and look forward to seeing how his personal relationships will develop With grateful thanks to Netgalley andPublishing UK for a digital copy of this book. An excellent read that keeps you guessing who is responsible for the dreadful murders The cast of characters is steadily introduced and easy to relate to The excitement and thrill in the story are addictive.Newlyappointed Inspector DI Ford is faced with the challenging task of tracking down the person who is responsible for a series of murders The serial killer is deadly and ruthless and leaves subtle clues at every crime scene When DI Ford's instincts lead him towards a high profile suspect, he isdetermined to solve the case But can Ford find the killer before another murder takes place ?? suspense heightens as we find out.. Ford is a newly promoted Detective Inspector in Wales We meet him 6 years after losing his wife in a climbing accident It was an accident, but Ford blames himself and considers himself a murderer He is raising his 15 year old son, Sam, on his own Additionally, a new member has been added to the CSI team with Ford works with closely Her name is Dr Hannah Fellowes She is smart and pretty and very outspoken We find that is related to her Asperger's diagnosis While she is British, she has spent a lot of time working in the USA with the FBI Her previous work experience and vast knowledge are assets to Ford's team and while he is attracted to her, he is not over losing his wife This relationship is not a dominate story line, but could build over time in future books IT seems this is the first in a new series In addition to Hanna, Ford has a great team of detectives working with him his old friend and colleague Julie (Jools) Mick, who appears to have a bit of a thing for Jools Alec, Hanna's boss and Sandy, Ford's boss In this story those who are struggling financially and use the local foodbank when they are in need of food are the target of the killer There are two suspects brought to light right away The redherrings which make the read suspect one than the other and back to the other are fantastic I had a feeling I knew whom the killer was, but our author did not make it easy I am hoping this does become a series as I would like to spendtime in Wales with DI Ford and his colleagues. I’ve read a number of British crime series over the years and was excited to discover a new one DI Ford (his first name is never disclosed) has many challenges to deal with – he needs to prove himself in his newly promoted role of Detective Inspector whilst juggling life as a single parent to his teenage son, Sam, all the while dealing with the grief of loosing his wife in a climbing accident which he holds himself responsible for.After some background story about the tragic climbing accident six years ago, the writing turns to present day when Ford is called to investigate a brutal killing of a mother and her young son After a second body is found, where the killer has left a similar “signature” to the first killing, Ford finds himself in charge of his first major case in the hunt for the serial killer Asbodies stack up, Ford has a gut feeling he knows who the killer is but has a hard time proving this and comes under increasing pressure to hand the case over toexperienced officers He’s determined not to let this happen and enlists the help of Dr Hannah Fellowes, a recent addition to the forensic department, with an interesting background and an interesting personality I really enjoyed this book, the characters were well introduced with just enough background information to make you want to keep reading to discoverabout them The pace of the writing was great, and kept me engaged throughout There were chapters written from the POV of the killer, which I always find fascinating and kept me guessing as to who the killer might be Overall, a great book which I hope will become a great series where we learnabout the characters, especially how the relationships between them develop as we follow Ford in future cases Highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy police crime If the series continues to be as good as the first book, I think it will deserve a place up there with the likes of Peter James, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson.Many thanks toPublishing UK and NetGalley UK for the free review copy in exchange for an honest review. A great crime story Slow to get going but about a third in I couldn't put thebook down Crimes are sad , but well thought out The detective, Ford, has his own problems which added authenticity to the story I didn't like his instant judgements about suspects though Definitely a good team for a series, plentypossibilities within the team I liked the new CSI, Hannah the son Sam Other characters could have done with a littleexplanation for me I did like the location (Salisbury in Wiltshire), an area that I don't know I don't get the title, totally unrelated to the story in my eyes Otherwise, I look forward to readingabout Ford and his son and the team Thank you to Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review |Free E-pub ♿ Shallow Ground (Detective Ford Book 1) ⚒ Detective Ford has a coldblooded killer to catch But can he escape his own dark secrets?Barely a month since his promotion to Inspector, DI Ford is called in to investigate the murder of a young nurse and her son in a small flat in Salisbury There are few clues, and no apparent motive, but Ford can sense that there’s a serial killer at work After all, he knows from brutal personal experience how killers cover their tracks…It’s been six years since Ford lost his wife in a climbing accident—an accident he caused He is desperate to keep the truth hidden, especially from his son, Sam But Ford’s new partner, Dr Hannah Fellowes, is a crime scene investigator with a ruthlessly analytical mind, and as they work together to track down the killer, his crippling guilt is compounded by fear of exposureWhen instinct leads him towards a highprofile suspect, his superiors’ warnings just make him determined to connect impulse and fact But can Ford hold it all together—the case, his life—long enough to stop the killer? Book Review:  Shallow Ground (Detective Ford Book 1) by Andy Maslen(Published byPublishing UK on November 10, 2020)4.25 Stars Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus by William Harvey, circa 1628 De Motu Cordis With his mind at times still straddling a living nightmare on the sudden death of his wife in a climbing accident at PenyHolt Bay, Pembroke, six years prior, little did the single dad of stillgrieving 15year old Sam and newlypromoted Salisbury DI, Detective Inspector Henry Ford know that a 17th Century book from Europe's early modern period on an anatomical exercise on the motion of the heart and blood in living beings could prove to be a lynchpin that would unlock his first major case in a supervisory role at the Salisbury PD under the aegis of Detective Superintendent Sandra Monroe the pursuit of a suspected devilworshipping, blood thirsty serial killer Indeed, that early modern age manuscript, along with the fortuitous entry of a team rookie as deputy manager, Dr Hannah Fellowes, a sharp, stunning senior CSI with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and expert in forensic psychology the psychology of lying on top of her adjunct teaching experience at no less than the FBI Academy in Quantico.So, whodunit?Author Andy Maslen assembles a cast of earnest players in a neatlypieced, wellresearched police procedural murder mystery set in a modern Southern English city, with just the right touch of science and math, a dose of devilry, gore, ingenuity and poignancy in equal measures, spiced with a dash of that ubiquitous spite and arrogance de rigueur in UK novels of late, displayed by patently miserable British upperclass pretenders boasting status above suspicion and protection from administrative cronies in social circles.Can't wait for the Maslen sequel of the Ford, Hannah, Sam and Sandra show!Review based on an ARC fromPublishing UK and NetGalley. This is an awesome book, with a very touching beginning but the rest of the story is AMAZING I love crime thrillers and this is one that has fascinated me from start to finish It has short chapters that make reading very enjoyable.I love police thrillers where the author makes us know the killer’s mind while killing his victims, I think that one of the points as a reader of this genre that I value most is that, enter into that twisted mind and discover little by littler their motives and do not present them in a quick and fleeting way in an ending.One of the advantages of this novel, besides the suspense and the police plot, is that it is very well developed are the characters, the author got the reader to empathize with the life of our main protagonist DI Ford In short chapters he caught me in such a way that it impossible for me to stop reading.This book has everything a policeminded reader is looking for, murder, an in crescendo investigation and a detective with a secrets that’s eating him up inside, in addition to the fact that this whole story is presented in short narratives and with a lot of dialogue, something that I love, makes the readingsenjoyable and interesting.It’s the first time I read a book by this author and it will not be the last, I hope to be able to read the next books of this DI Ford series.My list of favorite detectives is growing.You have reading this book, because you will love it.Thanks to NetGalley andPublishing UK for an advanced I appreciate the opportunity to read and review the book before publication.You can also read this review on my website. My thanks to NetGalley and publisherPublishing UK for the ARC.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and just had to keep turning the pages It's wellwritten, with excellent dialogue between the characters that highlights the interactions and relationships with Ford's colleagues, his suspects, and his son Sam DI Ford, newlypromoted over a colleague DS, is grappling with memories of his wife Lou This is the sixth anniversary of her death; his guilt is still overwhelming; he and his teenaged son Sam are still grieving and they're going through a very teenager/father rocky patch A widowed mother, Angela Halpern, and her 3yrold son Kai are found dead in their flat when their under stairs neighbours noticed blood dripping through their ceiling This is Ford's first murder case as DI but when the body count starts mounting and the team and powers that be realise there is a serial killer on the rampage in Salisbury, Ford is pressured to get results within a week or aexperienced DI would be brought in.Dr Hannah Fellowes, the new Senior Crime Scene Investigator, works closely with Ford, using all her intelligence and experience in forensics and psychology to bring surprising revelations to the investigation.There are lots of twists and misdirections going on especially with their main suspects Ford just 'knows' who the killer is but he has no evidence, surely he can't be wrong?This is a fastmoving, tensionfilled and thoroughly engrossing police procedural and watch out for the twist at the end! A great read.