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Wicked Fun! 3.5 stars“I had made the horrible assumption that I was the smartest person in this game.” Every Last Secret is an entertaining psychological thriller about two women who go headtohead over a married man The other woman will do whatever it takes to snag a ring His wife will do whatever it takes to protect what’s hers Who will win in the end? Cat, married to William for 13 years, is living the good life She is the queen bee of their affluent neighborhood, an equal investor in her husband’s multimilliondollar business, and the woman others strive to be.Neena wants Cat’s life, literally Even though she has a husband who adores her and is moving up in the world, her goal is to become William’s next wife, even if it means destroying Cat and the man she loves.Cat and Neena battle in an expert game of cat and mouse The smartest and most vicious of the women will claim her prize Chapters alternate between Cat and Neena I didn’t like either one of them but was interested in seeing how their game would play out William is their prizehe comes off as bland and manipulative, and not that smart, but he’s an attractive, powerful, and handsome millionaire, so I guess he’s worth it I really could have lived without William’s perspective His chapter took this down a notch for me and revealed another dynamic to this game that I didn’t buy.This is a fastpaced, pageturner It's a little over the top but offers a nice break from reality Overall, I enjoyed this book but would have enjoyed the dynamics of Cat and Neena’s games muchif they banded together to take down the cheater rather than each other I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Thomas Mercer in exchange for an honest review. “THERE WERE MEN YOU OWNEDTHERE WERE MEN YOU BORROWEDAND, THEN THERE WERE MEN YOU TOOK”The book opens with a prologue, where Dr Neena Ryder is being interviewed by a Detective for the attempted murder of her husband, Matt.So, we know WHERE the book is heading, just not how we are going to get there..Is she guilty??If so, what would motivate her to do this? Could it be the fact that she had always planned to “UPGRADE” from Matt at some point, and the time has come? Her neighbor and boss, William Winthorpe is the right mark, and she has a well thought out strategy to replace his current wife, Cat.But, Cat is on to Neena, and she is not about to let a “sociopathic blonde with boundary issues” take what’s hers! ♟Neena has made her move ♟But, she may have underestimated her opponent! I devoured Alessandra Torre’s book, “The Ghostwriter” so, I jumped at the chance to read an ARC of her latest and I was not disappointed! When penning thrillers she uses the pseudonym, A.R Torre.I LOVE the FUN psychological thrillers that are light on gore, and heavy on betrayal and revenge, so this one was definitely in my lane!! Will keep you posted, as this one is worth watching for!! 4.5 ⭐️ Rounded up! Available as a first read for NOV ( Prime and KU) GRAB IT!!!Thank You to the Publisher and NetGalley for providing a digital copy in exchange for a candid review! When I saw that Alessandra Torre had a new book out I was so excited I adored The Ghostwriter even if it tore my heart out Well, Every Last Secret isn't The Ghostwriter but that's not necessarily a bad thing The Ghostwriter was an emotional gutpunch of a book where this isof a trashy, Housewives from wherever type of deal This book is far from ground breaking as we have all read this story before Two women fighting over a guy that is hardly worth it but there is something to be said of two unreliable and unlikable women going for each others jugular at every turn of the page It's compelling as all get out Just when you think they can stoop no lower then BOOM! Oh no she didn't becomes oh yes she did! This book didn't hold many surprises for me but it was still plenty entertaining Fun? Sure Ridiculous? Yes Am I glad I read it? Heck yeah, if only for the reason that I'm thankful to not know any people like this in my real life Ha! 3.5 stars! Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.Arc received! I Am So Excited!!!!! 💃💃💃 Well, I raise my glass to Alessandra Torre after read ultradangerous, bat shit serial killer woman killer character who locked herself into her apartment not to harm the people in “Girl In 6E” series! I realized she may waltz between steamy smart and twisty romances (Black Lies truly blew my mind) and sneaky thrillers (Ghostwriter is one of my favorite work of hers.) So when I found out she turned back to the dark side onetime, I heard “Imperial March” played in my ear, I clicked request button without thinking a second to see what kind batshit, mind blowing characters she created and what kind of absurdly complicated situations she put them into Welcome to the lovely neighborhood with two so called friends Neena and Cat who are ready to carve each other’s eyes and their fake friendship slowly blows up because they declare war after they start their fight for gorgeous and charming William who is also Cat’s husband and Neena’s boss Neena is already getting sick of being married with ordinary and ultraboring Matt (I started yawning at each part I saw his name on the page!) Neena always gets what she wants but now she has a tough competitor Trust me! Both of the characters are so unlikable, dangerous, evil and when you say: “No, she can do that! It’s extreme! It’s ridiculous!” But a few minutes later you realized: Well, she did, didn’t she? You think those woman cannot bedisgusting, despicable or nastier but at each chapter they exceed those limits and makes you shock with their rottenness! Shame on them! Their catfight for a guy who doesn’t truly deserve their attention made me shocked several times! I think they desire not a charming, hot guy: they desire the throne! Both of them want to see the other one’s give up and surrender This is just the game for them and they want to win by bending the rules Overall: Normally I give 3 stars to the books with unlikable characters! (I wanted to puke on their heads at several times and sing at them till they die from ear bleeding That’s why I am banned from entire karaoke bars in the US!) But this book was extremely funny, entertaining and it was like watching a box match between Cruella de Vil and Nurse Ratched The writing is fascinatingly riveting and I couldn’t put it down! So I’m giving extra half stars for the brilliant writing and smart mind of the author that I always admire and I’m rounding up 3.5 stars to 4! It was humorous, fast pacing, extremely evil reading with the worst villanelle characters you may truly love to hate! Special thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for sharing this page turner ARC with me in exchange my honest review. *Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. Normally a book about the rich just isn't my biscuits and gravy I'm usually so far away from the characters that I can not relate Plus I'm totally a jealous heifer But this book..It features super rich Cat Winthrope Even her name sounds rich doesn't it? She is happily married to a rich guy and doesn't do anything for herself She has staff for that piddly little stuff Then her husband decides to hire a life coach named Neena Neena has had all the plastic surgeries and the old heifer married too Does that stop her? The two women have to sorta be friends since Neena and her husband moved next door But that works out real well and then the cat claws come out And it's wonderful Move over Housewhoresthere is some new bitches in town.Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review Ding, ding, ding! We finally have a winner, friends! I feel like downing a shot of vodka, turning up the music, and doing a strip tease around the house in celebration Well, maybe we'll just leave it at the shot and music, yes? Alessandra Torre knocked this one out of the park Historically, she's been a consistently good author for me, so I had high hopes for Every Last Secret It didn't disappoint Two women, both hardcore, and only one can come out on topit was epic And so incredibly satisfying At last, I'm so damn excited to recommend this book! Available December 1, 2020.My ecstatic appreciation for the excellent ARC goes to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley. This was my first time hearing of author A.R Torre, and I am so glad I did I absolutely loved this book! In a rich community, Cat and her husband, William, are living the dream William owns a large business, and hires Neena as a “life coach” to boost morale in the office Neena and her husband, Matt, also end up buying the house next door Even though Cat initially does her best to welcome them to the community, she determines early on that Neena is not someone she wants anywhere near heror her husbandor town Hell hath no furyThis is an unputdownable, delicious read The way the two women treat each other and the way they go about their vendettas is extremely entertaining The fact is, neither of them are someone you’d personally want in your circle of friends, but I have to say there is one I was clearly rooting for in their “war” against each other While not necessarily groundbreaking, this managed to entertain me for the whole ride, and I could hardly contain myself while racing to the conclusionwhich is a particularly satisfying one that manages to fit quite a few emotions in I would highly recommend and have ZERO complaints about this fantastic read Thank you to Thomas Mercer, A.R Torre, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. (BOOK) ô Every Last Secret  Welcome to the neighborhood Watch your husband, watch your friends, and watch your backCat Winthorpe has worked hard to get what she has: a gorgeous home; social standing; and William, her successful, handsome husband Then a friendly new couple moves into the estate next door While cautious, a good neighbor like Cat greets them with open arms and warm hospitalityNeena Ryder isn’t a fellow lady of leisure A life coach with offtherack dresses, personal issues, and a husband who hasn’t delivered, she’s anxious to move up in the world This beautiful new town is a step in the right direction It’s also making Neena aware of what she doesn’t have Namely, William When Neena’s infatuation escalates into obsession, it’s just a matter of eliminating a few obstacles to get the life she wants The life next doorAs Neena’s secret fixation grows, so does her friendship with Cat But beneath their cordial interactions is a wealth of temptations, secrets, and toxic jealousy For both women, the desire for a perfect life can turn perfectly dangerous 5 Playing Chess Stars* * * * * Spoiler FreeWe all have our favorite authors We discover them, follow their writing journeys, and see them develop and become appreciated by others This is one of the pleasures in reading Experiencing all of the different types of genres they write, seeing how the author adapts their vision Not knowing where the next book is going to take you is part of the draw Alessandra Torre is one of those authors She has done all types of genres and has left her mark on each of them One type she has played with from the very beginning has been romance/suspense/psychological thrillers Take a look at her backlist and you will see what I am referencing She has all of the tools to take you down a path, leading you, showing you the way and then having you drop off a cliffor not And that is the keyAlessandra Torre does not take her plotting lightly She will look to see where she needs to go, evaluate, reevaluate, and then do something so out of the box, it wouldn't be thought of DeliciousSo about this book It is a work of art It caused me to read through the night I read it in one sitting, lying in bed, putting it down, then turning around and continuing to read I could not put it down until it was finished I am not going to spoil this for you The blurb is enough I promise you will enjoy the ride ~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~ December 24, 2019UPDATE New TitleEvery Last SecretUpdated Blurb, too.was SINNER, SINNERMay 18, 2019 What does the Welcome to the Neighborhood really meanAt first glance, it can seem like open smiles and offers to lunchBut after the newness wears off and the passiveaggressive actions start to appearThe friendship between these two women turnsFor what may seem unintentional or by accidentSoon becomes More toxic and threateningBut really should they be worriedAfter all, what's a little competition between neighbors Every Last SecretOctober 15, 2020 A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.ForReviews, Free Ebooks and Giveaways