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DOWNLOAD ⚜ Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice ⛅ In this classic book you will discover the intimate journey of personal and spiritual development that is possible through the practice of journal writing In Life’s Companion, acclaimed author Christina Baldwin offers readers guidance and inspiration to this powerful way of expanding our inner horizons and opening our minds and spirits to a deeper relationship with the world and the people around usComplete with enlightening quotations, exercises, sample journal entries, and techniques to nurture and encourage the writer and seeker within you, Life’s Companion will help you transform journaling into a powerful tool for selfgrowth, heightened awareness, and personal fulfillment I really like this book, if you need help getting started or unstuck in writing a journal, art journal or blog, this book could be most helpful If you have a story to be told and don't know how to get it onto paper, this book just might help you get it there. I own this book and read it circa 1998 Beautifully written and inspiring little meditations on writing from a personal, spiritually authentic perception On a list to reread and journal along with it again when I get the chance to see where I'm at on the journey. I have always been a dedicatedwell, compulsivejournal keeper, so I thought this book would be a natural for me It was In fact, I was so impressed by this collection of suggestions, quotations, sacred meditations, etc., in the library copy I checked out, that I had to run out and buy my own copy of the book, and send one to my daughter as well This isthan just a guide to findingpersonal spirituality through regular personal journal entries It is a guided quest for selfdiscovery through a variety of writing exercises and writing techniques that will lead to formerly untapped personal insights A favorite part for me was the discussion of the chakrasor energy centers in the body and how those energies can be tapped for our greater selfunderstanding and creativity Meditation and prayer are fundamental aspects of these instructions on new selfawareness When you establish a routine or meditation or prayer, you are likely to becomeaware of these energy centers in your body Meditation may turn your body on, as though the voltage suddenly went up (129) Author Christina Baldwin includes numerous exercises that can lead a person toperceptive journal entires; for example: writing about childhood memories, striving through writing to forgive oneself and others, and writing about one's future Writing the possible future helps us understand what desire and what actions need to occur in order to support the vision Envisioning is the mind's way of laying out a grid, and it will follow it(275) Cool stuff! I skimmed over this bookthan I read it page to page, but I will surely come back to it every once in a while in the future.The layout is very original on the right you have the ongoing text and on the left there are quotes, examples of journal entries and questions you can ask yourself in your own journal Some might find this confusing, but I found it very enjoyable Some of the chapters were great and of use to me for example the chapter on Finding your people and The guidance of the body.Beware that this book is heavily focused on spirituality not a particular religion though, which is nice and refreshing But there is a lot of talk about love and forgiveness, which are great things of course, but I always thought of the diary as a place to let the ugly out all our anger, jealousy and so on, as to not let them manifest in our life, and as a means to accept that we as humans do indeed have these emotions, no matter how spiritual or religious we are For my taste this book focuses too much on becoming a better person, while the books on journaling by Tristine Rainer and Kathleen Adams focuson becoming a whole person For me the latter approach has turned out to be the healthier one.Regardless of my criticism, this is a thoughtful piece of writing, with many new and creative journaling prompts that I have seen nowhere else before, and I feel the author has put a lot of work and love into it.